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[28 Oct 2004|06:42pm]

Lila said that I should try and revive this by putting in my Clark quotes. I have no specific dates for these, because she says them all the time. Here we go.

"We gotta fly!!" - everyday at the beginning of the year

"These questions are more ANALYTICAL"

"Really load it with detail" - Lila's addition

"XEROX!!" - every second of the day

"VOTE BUSH!" - made up, but rightfully expresses her political views

lol I love that woman. She's so crazy. :-P
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[31 Aug 2004|07:35pm]

Because this community has died, I feel that we need to remember one of the first quotes of our high school career.

- Mrs. Bauer
Former Physical Science/Chemistry teacher
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Marzec Quotes [28 May 2004|07:09pm]

I'm finally cleaning out my bio binder because we definately don't need anything anymore -- yahoo! I thought I'd write the quotes I wrote down here just to keep them forever. They're not too good, but I figure I shouldn't waste the effort I spent writing down the quotes in the first place...

"You have humans walking...They're going along, they have sex, and they can still have kids." - Marzec.

"These models were debated for a long time...until one of the guys died." - Marzec.

"Are penguins fish?" - Steve.

Actually that's all I have. I thought I was gonna have more. Oops. Oh well.
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Random Quotes [05 May 2004|04:31pm]

"If we ate at six thirty I would, like, take my parents to the hospital" - Lelia, 5/5/04. Indicates how late she usually eats.

Also, Saghbini wore a yellow hard hat today.

That's all for now.
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[13 Apr 2004|08:16pm]

I had a bad experience with eggs as a child.
~ Jimmy Marzec
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Saghbini [05 Apr 2004|07:43pm]

"Smau." - Saghbini, 4/5/04. Note the similarness to Polansky's "schmau."
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Saghbini FanArt! [23 Mar 2004|05:51pm]

Here they are! Drawn by me...I apologize for not having any artistic talents but its the thought that counts, right? Lelia's got plenty more hilarious ones, so look for those sometime...Hehe. Enjoy these for now.

Disco Bini

Saghbini Sleepover
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[22 Mar 2004|07:13pm]

Quoter: Mrs. Gould YOUR PRINCIPAL

After the Lock Down Drill

"The lock down is now over. That was just a drill. If it were not a drill, then it would not be over."

Mrs. Norton starts cracking up. Funniest thing of the day.

I love how layed back Mrs. Norton is. Im going to miss her when she goes to surgery.
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Saghbini Quotes [21 Mar 2004|07:57pm]

Yeah, so the other day last week we took a trip down Saghbini Memory Lane. Basically we all went through our stuff and wrote down all of his quotes we had ever recorded. And, we also went through all our Saghbini fan-art! So look for scans of those coming soon from Lelia and I. Haha. Yeah, speaking of Saghbini, I hope you all have been to his little site? I must say though, this community is still the source for quotes, and Kata's pictures are much better quality. (She sent them in but they haven't posted them...?)Now, without further blab-age, Saghbini quotes from the past that we missed, and some more recent ones...

"If you're confused, just scream, I mean..." - Saghbini.

"When does life end?" - Kata, in Saghbini, 2003. She meant to say something like "When does this class end?"

"Actual retail price is..." - Saghbini, 1/6/04. This was the first time we recorded him using this phrase.

"Child-proof your brains." - Saghbini, 3/18/04.

"...before you go to lunch and fill your bellies with nonsense." - Saghbini.

"Press the log button, oh, the other log button." - Saghbini, 3/18/04.

"I hope you guys are listening to me better than the walls are" - Saghbini, 3/18/04.

That's all for now. Remember to participate in this community to keep it fresh and amusing! Haha.
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Quotes [11 Mar 2004|08:01pm]

Quotes and notes from the day are as follows.

[Under her breath]"NHS is a pain in the ass..." - Norton. (Thanks to Kate for officially recording that.)

[Lila holds up "Official Saghbini" plastic wine glass thing.]
Saghbini: What's that for...a toast?
Lila: Yes, a toast...to algebra?...
Saghbini: To math and good health!
Lila: To math and good health! [Raises glass.]

"Saghbini cookie holder?? I don't make any cookies!" - Saghbini, while observing Kata's labeled Saghbini cookie holder.

Also, Saghbini was looking at violins on eBay today. And Kata got pictures of our cookie feast. And we had more Kosky bonding time and found out that she used to work at Starbucks.

That's all from me for HHSQuotes!
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Saghbini Poem [03 Mar 2004|08:21pm]

Saghbini - By Lila

He gives easy quizzes
But sometimes we still fail.
'Round the room he whizzes
While we eat snacks from our lunch pail.

To be continued later if I can think of another good stanza...
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marzec quote [24 Feb 2004|09:17pm]

the other day Mr Marzec was talking about ozzy and said "ozzy osbourne is a living example of what not to do with ur life"
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marzec quotes [15 Feb 2004|02:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

no one seems to have any marzec quotes so i think i'll put some...

this was awhile ago. we were telling mr marzec about how lemmings all go west and jump off a cliff and kill themselves. he thought we were kidding and then started immitating the lemmings and said "GO WEST MY FRIENDS GO WEST" and starts pretending to jump off the cliff and lands in the water and says "wow i can see all those lemmings treading in the water" -marzec-

We were talking about the 2P+pq+t2 or w/e and he said "random mating...lets say if i shut off the lights and the guys and the gurls in this class mate without choosing...okay lets do this..." laughs "haha i'm just kidding we're not gonna do a lab on this" -marzec-

then we got this huge packet with so many problems. mr marzec said "dont worry, theres a lot of problems but you dont need to do them all" then he starts telling us to circle the ones we need to do and in the end we did circled all the numbers but 2!!!! -marzec-

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[15 Feb 2004|01:32pm]

Quote by: Saghbini
Background Info: Someone was asking what an irrational number is.

"Irrational numbers are like the song that never ends, they go on and on my friend."

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Polansky Shakes It [08 Feb 2004|05:27pm]

[ mood | wonky to holy wonks ]

In Polansky the other day she was explaining the difference between "mover" and "mudar." She says:

"MUDAR" is when you switch houses with someone. "MOVER" is when you shake it like a polaroid picture". Proceeds to sing Outkast under her breath.

Another Polansky quote:

*Jumps over trashbins* "What, I'm a leaping horse!"

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Saghbini Fun [07 Feb 2004|06:35pm]

Here's the first Saghbini quote! Ok, so, some background. We had math first period, so I had made some mini chocolate chip muffins for us to feast on. I decorated a few of them because I got really into it (haha) and I wrote "MATH" on one of the mini muffins in green frosting. We were eating them on Kata's desk and we decided that when Saghbini came around, we would offer it to him. So, he came around and I said something like, "We made a muffin for you -- It says math." And so, for the first time, he actually ate the food we offered to him (probably because I said we made it specifically for him.) Right after he finished the muffin, he said, "Mmm, math tastes good today!" 2/6/04.

Next, this isn't really so much as a quote as a happening but that's ok. I forget when this was, but Saghbini was passing back all our tests and quizzes (including the one from about 3 months prior.) Kata, Lelia, and I were sitting with our desks together in a sort of L-shape so we could work on the famous do-nows. Anyway, he's passing out papers and here's what happens. "Lelia B-M...." [he puts the quiz on my desk...I pick it up, see the name, and pass it to Lelia.] Later, "Cot-ta..." [he puts the quiz on my desk...I pick it up, see the name, and pass it to Kata.] "Lila...Oh, you're Lila" [he puts the quiz on my desk.]

Next again, this isn't a quote...But Alec walked around the room (in a horse-shoe shaped path) a reported 95 times before Mr. Saghbini noticed/told him to sit down.

Lastly, that reminded me of the time when he was teaching with he beloved overhead and Tom and Sean skooted their desks closer towards him whever he turned his back or looked down to write on the overhead. "Am I seeing things?", he asked the class after examining Tom and Sean's desks.

This, my friends, are a few examples of a typical Saghbini day.
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[06 Feb 2004|07:30pm]


The quote of the day is brought to you by my stupidity.

BACKGROUND: I had just finished doiing my warmup run, and im stretching. When along comes molly and katelyn mitsock who are talking. Then molly is like,
"I have cramps" And proceeds to point to her stomach.

So I chime in, "Yeah, I totally understand. I was starting to get a cramp when was running to. Dont worry, it will go away."

Molly is like, "NO, I have CRAMPS!!!".

I wanted to wither away to nothing. Alli can do is pray she forgets the whole thing.
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Quote [05 Feb 2004|04:25pm]

"Poets just wanna have fun." - Katecho, in English class, referring to what the theme of a poem about poetry was. 2/5/04.
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[02 Feb 2004|02:17pm]

[Tiana was getting a hurdle so that she could do her regular stretching routine. So she grabs one, and this girl yells at her "No, you cant use that. Were using that" but in a really bitchy voice. So Jon and I walk over to talk to them after stretching, and tiana's like talking about how all the girls there are bitches]

Now the quote:

"Fine, I'll kick your asses without warming up!"

-Tiana Riel AKA dinky AKA the riel deal
January 25, 2004
Bob McIntyre Elite Relays
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Weird Stuf [29 Jan 2004|07:43pm]

THE KOSKINATOR: Condoleeza Rice? Is that a type of food?

Ms. Polansky *talks about how the mayans gave themselves enemas with alcohol* Yeah, maybe they had a pooing contest. poo-poo-poo-poo-poo.
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